Hi there, we built Acorn CMS

Simple, lightweight and easy to use, Acorn CMS has been created specifically for powering small websites.

Acorn CMS is an easy to use content management system

Not every website needs the complexity of a CMS like WordPress, or many of the other larger scale website builders out there.

When it comes to small websites, simple is better. Acorn CMS has been created especially for building small websites.

Easy To Use

The main website editor in Acorn CMS allows you to change text at the click of a button while browsing your website. Snippets of content can be repositioned by simply dragging them to a different position on the page.

Lightweight & Fast

Because Acorn CMS has been built for a specific purpose, the code is lightweight and fast. Page load times on websites using Acorn CMS are fast – much faster than other systems like WordPress.

Tested using PageSpeed Insights from Google, page load times on our websites are typically between 0.7-0.9 seconds.

SEO Friendly


We provide you with full, easy control of all the major elements on a page including:
Page titles, main headings (H1), sub headings, meta descriptions, page URLs and an automatically generated xml sitemap.


Sitespeed is incredibly important, both for visitors to your website and for google as a ranking signal. With our lightweight CMS, pages load in less than a second (even those with large featured images).


Acorn CMS allows you to easily create knowledge graph schema, local business schema (including support for multiple locations, opening hours & scheduled opening hours) and FAQ schema when using the built in FAQ module.

A Few Of The Main Features At A Glance

Drag & Drop Editable Content

Editable snippets of content that can be dragged and placed exactly where you want them. The ability to edit inline allows you to see how your content will look on your website immediately.

Contact Form

With built in spam protection (Google reCaptcha), potential clients can easily send you emails using a streamlined contact form.

We have kept the options as simple as possible, so you receive the information that you actually need.

Google Maps

Adding Google maps to your website has never been easier. Add a map with as many location markers as you need, choose if you would like location markers to show with an optional pop-up text box & you’re done…its that simple.

Availability Calendar

Originally added especially for our holiday accommodation clients – this easy to use availability calendar shows potential visitors exactly when you have availability before they contact you.

Schema Markup

Add knowledge graph & local business schema markup to your website with zero effort. Use the local business options to inform Google about your business location(s), regular opening hours & scheduled seasonal opening hours directly from your website.


FAQs are an incredibly powerful way to address potential customer questions and trust issues. Add your list of questions and answers, choose the page that you would like to display them on & you’re done, its that simple. Oh, & by the way, we add FAQ schema markup to these automatically as well.